World Poker Tour

The World Poker Tour is an international competition of no limit Texas Hold'em poker, founded in 2002 by Steve Lipscomb. The aim of Steve Lipscomb was originally to create a series of televised tournaments with very large gains and bringing together the best players in the world. His bet paid off from the first season, as the World Poker Tour was immediately a hit with top poker players who were willing to participate and among viewers who appreciated this program.

WPT and its history

The World Poker Tour has since become an institution. A number of countries retransmit the program today which contributed to the development of poker around the world. Specifically, the Texas Hold'em version which completely dethroned the classic draw poker in recent decades.

The success of the World Poker Tour is very much due to the ingenious way they film the event. Only the final table of the tournaments are broadcast, and to make these shows accessible to all, mini-cameras are installed on the gaming tables, at each seat, to show the players' hole cards to the viewers. This way everyone can follow the moves by knowing the way each player is playing, liek bluffing with nothing of playing a monster. In addition, the parties are often narrated by TV presenters who know the game of poker very well like Mike Sexton, explaining the rules and subtleties. Thus, each viewer can improve his game, following the advice of reviewers and analyze the moves of the participants.

Another reason for the success of the World Poker Tour is the opportunity for all to qualify for the WPT via less expensive satellite tournaments offered by the major poker rooms.

In France, singer-actor Patrick Bruel was the first allowing the game of poker to democratize. He won a first World Championship title in the 1999 World Series of Poker in 1999 and plays regularly in the World Poker Tour since February 2005. He has also released a poker DVD in 2006, where he explains the basics of poker.

Danish player Gus Hansen is the most successful World Poker Tour with three victories. The Canadian Daniel Negreanu is the one who won the most money with $5,555,935. The American Phil Ivey is the player who came to the more final tables, with 8 final tables for one win. Gavin Griffin is the first player to win a tournament in the three major international circuits: the World Series of Poker in May 2004, the grand finale of the 2007 European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour in Atlantic City 2008.

WPT Players of the Year:

  • 2003 Howard Lederer
  • 2004 Erick Lindgren
  • 2005 Daniel Negreanu
  • 2006 Gavin Smith
  • 2007 J. C. Tran
  • 2008 Little Jonathan
  • 2009 Bertrand Grospellier
  • 2010 Faraz Jaka
  • 2011 Andy Frankenberger

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