The Biggest Mistake in Sit N Go Poker

Playing Too Loose Early in the Game

Bertrand Grospellier knows a thing or two about poker. Indeed he is a well rounded player, as he excels in cash games, tournaments and also sit'n goes. Bertrand even holds a Guiness Book record for having played the largest number of sit'n goes in one hour: 62. While showing a (modest) profit of course, otherwise anyone could beat that record by opening a ton of tables and not paying attention to making money.

Sit'go mistake

Bertrand knows how to play sit and go tourneys and he knows the single biggest mistake players make in these games. This leak concerns all new players and even a large number of experienced players who have not studied the game well enough.

The largest leak according to Grospellier is that many opponents play way too many hands at the start of a tournament. This is more pronounced at the buy-in sit and gos, as the skill level increases significantly for stakes of $50 and above.

One of the wore hand to play early is ace-rag, in other words an ace plus a small kicker like a five. These hands will put you in a tough spot after the flop and you must avoid them at the early stage of a tourney. Try to only play the strongest hand early on, which will lead to these benefits:

More chance that you will reach the final money positions. This is simply because the weaker players will eliminate each other at the early stage by playing weak hand.

Meanwhile you can sit back and observe, learning the other players' style and betting patterns. This knowlege will be very useful once you reach the middle and late stages.

You will win larger pots against the looser players whenever you have a very strong hand. This gives you a chip advantage that you will enjoy later in the game.

You will keep your chips so that you can use then effectively when you get a top hand.

You will often reach the later stages with a good chip stack which is a good thing if you want to finish first.

In summary, remember to play tight-aggressive in the early stage, this is the most important tactic in a sit and go tournament.

Here's a tip for you: If your opponents are playing too loosely (as they almost certainly will be) make strong raises when you're dealt premium hands and rake in the chips from your looser opponents.

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