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PokerStars and its history

Hundreds of poker sites compete for a share of the online poker cake, but only a few a worth considering. For enjoying the game online, ideally you want to play at an active poker room with plenty of players at any time of the day, playing all kinds of poker variations, stakes and formats so that you do not need to wait to participate in a ring game or tournament. In this respect pokerstars sits at the top of the poker universe as it is the most active room by far. Use a pokerstars bonus code when you register.

Pokerstars has been online since 2001, starting initially at a small scale with a beta version based in Costa Rica. Owned by the Scheinberg family of Israel it is clearly one of the most successful online gaming business ever created. Now located in the Isle of Man (a British dependency), it benefits from favorable tax and regulatory conditions. The company remains private despite much speculation about a possible IPO. Pokerstars is reported to make a net daily profit of $1.3 million.

Stars has many world records beyond getting the most online poker traffic. They recentently celebrated their 50th billionth hand dealt. They hosted the largest ever online poker tournament with 149,196 players competing simultaneously.

PokerStars available games

Of course all popular forms of poker are present at pokerstars. Ring games, sit'n goes and multi-table tournaments from low buy-in stakes such as a few cents all the way to the nosebleed tables with blinds in the hundreds of dollars. The large regular tournaments have an entry fee of one or two hundred dollars

PokerStars offers Texas Hold'em poker, the most popular poker variation, in fixed limit, pot limit or no limit. They also have tons of tables in Omaha poker, currently the second most played format. Not just in PLO, but also Omaha Hi/Lo. You will find action at many more exotic games such as 7 Card Stud, HORSE, Razz or mixed games.

Pokerstars has more pros than any other poker room, including five World Champions (WSOP Main Event winners). They have dozens of highly skilled pros from many countries. They sponsor live events such as the EPT, LAPT and APPT. If you register make sure to use the pokerstars bonus code, so they will credit your account with a nice 100% match up bonus up to $600. And let's the fun begin.

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