PokerStars Promotion: August 2013

PokerStars is still the leader of online poker even after the Department of Justice and FBI asked them to shut their operations in the United States. This April 15th 2011 event was an unprecedented action that attempted to ban online poker entirely from the USA. And they almost succeeded.

At the time of writing only a few smaller rooms are still offering poker games for real money to players living in the USA. Remember that poker started in the USA and this is still the largest market in the world for gambling and for poker. So this is ironic if not ludicrous that Government employees are now trying to forbid this pasttime.

Anyway despite this Pokerstars is still the number one poker room in the world by a large margin. We can only hope that US politicians find a way to regulate online poker so that licensed rooms are allowed to operate again. Meanwhile the rest of the world continues to enjoy playing Texas Hold'em or PLO from the comfort of their appartment.

This is why pokerstars is offering one of their juicy promotions to their regular players. This promo which is running for the entire month of August 2011 simply lowers the thresholds to attain all VIP levels. And as higher levels accrue FPP points faster, this means that nearly all pokerstars players are going to hoard their points at an improved speed this month.

Honestly this is a fantastic opportunity without any catch. As these points are ultimately equivalent to cash, you can play a ton of poker this month and amass money in your account.

Of course it is not a coincidence that this offer is running in August as this is the slowest month of the year for online poker. As many young adults are spending their days on beautiful beaches or back packing all over the world, their mind is not at all to online gaming, which they prefer to spend their time on during the cold months of the winter. Yes online poker is very cyclical and now is the quietest time even though millions of players still play nowadays.

But if you are a real passionated poker player, then you are going to play some online poker this month, so you should play at pokerstars which is the online poker room offering this bonanza.

Simply play as you usually do, and the point count will rise faster. Or why not playing even more than normal in order to achieve your $4,000 cash bonus faster?

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