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Review for Full Tilt Poker

When it comes to online poker sites, they are a dime a dozen. How are you supposed to sift through the bad sites and find out which ones are worth spending your money on? Which sites are safe and which ones are just taking your money?

Well, the best way to learn about the most fun people have is by asking them. Full Tilt Poker is an online site that is home to some of the most famous poker players.

Who plays Full Tilt Poker?

Many of the most respected poker players have been known to play Full Tilt Poker. Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer, and Phil Ivey are all celebrity endorsers of the site. These professional players also play the game online, justifying why it is the best site to play poker on.

Of course, there are several other professional poker players who play at Full Tilt Poker, even if they are not celebrity endorsers. And then, there are also people out there who are just like you; they enjoy a good game of poker.

Online Community

A crucial aspect of playing anything online is the number of visitors a site gets. If no one is there to play the game, it doesn't matter how great the service is. Thankfully, this isn't the problem with Full Tilt Poker. High volumes of traffic ensure that you are able to start playing a game in minutes, not having to worry about waiting on others to join. This makes all the games fast paced, and very easy to join.

There are other benefits to being the second most visited online poker site, one being the amount of prizes since so many people play online. This means that the stakes are higher, but so is the payout. This means that you are not forced to bet something you are not comfortable with, you are in control. If you are feeling lucky, there is nothing stopping you from risking it all, and possibly winning big. There are also tournaments that are continually being played as well, if you feel your skill up high enough. This allows you to put yourself up against the best in the land, to see where you really stand.

Since Full Tilt Poker was created with the most recent software available, the graphical capabilities of the site are also very advanced. This results in a better looking game, as well as a faster responding program as well. The site avoided the graphical slowdown that other sites have because of the extensive research that went in before the site was built. All in all, this adds to the complete experience you get at Full Tilt Poker, making it the best.

In the end, the combination of a huge user base along with the advanced technology is what makes Full Tilt Poker such a great site. With the high payouts and fast pace, once you log on, you'll be amazed at how fun and rewarding poker can be.

Join Full Tilt today and see for yourself how the top poker pros play the game.

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