Starcraft Gaming Strategies

Bertrand played Starcraft

Bertrand Grospellier was first a Startcraft champion before becoming a poker pro.

Starcraft is a game created by Blizzard Entertainment. Similarly to poker, Starcraft takes a lot of knowledge and skills to beat your opponents. There is a great difference on how this game is played at both the beginners and expert levels and it is essential to understand starcraft playing strategies if you want to ever be on the winning side of this entertaining game.

The building order in which you choose is one critical method or foundation that determines whether you will win or loose the game. This building order can vary from either battle or race plan. It is important to manage a consistent building order that enables you to use the available starcraft strategies during the game. This assists you to act effectively and quickly in case of any situation that might come your way.

When you login and begin to play the game, it might seem less important on which units you should start building on. It might appear unclear to understand whether you should start by building a strong defense or offense. You may also choose to go with a 50 to 50 plan. How you manage the game at the very beginning determines whether you will win or loose the game.

For example, there is a big difference of building a barracks with 2 SVC's, and another barracks with 3 SVC's, and another one with 4 CVS's and another one with 5 SVC's which definitely determines who wins the game and not. The truth of the matter is that the cost of the barracks is 150 additional minerals than the CVS's. However, the additional worker stands to loose the resource stream if he or she makes use of the later.

The secret behind building a good order is to make proper use of your resources between creating units and harvest teching up. This assists you to maintain a good ratio of defense, offense and minerals without having any resources that are unnecessary. Another winning strategy behind starcraft is your intelligence and speed. You should always remember your component is ever thinking in terms of 'first come first serve'. It is recommended to pick and stick with one race and completely learn all the outs and ins of that game. It is easier to win a game you have fully mastered instead of being average at all games. If you don't build effectively and fast, your opponent may have an upper hand and the game may flow from 50-50 to 60-40 to 70-30 thus loosing in the long run.

The least effective and worst strategy of starcraft is that of blitzing or just rushing your opponent at the beginning of the game. This may make you to run out of minerals at a very fast pace and your opponent may use this opportunity to defend the attack well while preparing his own offensive. This leaves you with no defense or offense. There are three main startcraft strategies which include the Terran strategy, prottos strategy and the Zerg strategy. It is important to master each strategy in order to make your race very powerful. You can learn all these skills from various sources that are available online.

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