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Welcome to our Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier fan site.

As you probably already know, Bertrand is one of the most extraordinary poker players.

A very brilliant young French man, Bertrand has always been interested in computers and games. His first experience with a computer was at the young age of three years old when he got his first computer. And he got immediately hooked.

Far forward ten years and Bertrand Grospellier is a young teenager with a passion for online gaming. But you are going to say yes most male teenagers love to play computer games or when is now online games. And more and more women. So what is the big deal? The deal is yes most do but very few do it with the passion and skills that Bertrand has demonstrated. Best of his generation in his birthplace, he turned professional Starcraft gamer at the age of twenty and moved to Korea to pursue his career. If goes without saying that few Europeans ever make this type of move. Moving from Paris to Seoul is far from normal for most Frenchmen. But Korea is the capital of professional online gaming and the games are huge there, with frequent televised event and the top players having cult status.

The game of Starcraft is played in teams and the training consists of countless daily hours of playing the game. This was a unique preparation for online poker. Some of the top poker players have a professional tennis background (David Bennyamine, Patrik Antonius), some a backgammon experience (Gus Hansen), a chess experience (Dan Harrigton), and some like Bertand have a gaming experience (Hevad Khan).

But there is hardly a better preparation for modern fast-paced online poker than online gaming. Because for example as is the case of Starcraft, players must make constant fast decisions and must be able to anticipate their opponents. Sounds like online poker, does it not? Online poker is faster and more complex then regular poker. In particular for active regular players who play a few tables at a time, this is called multi-tabling. These players are taking live poker by storm as their hyper aggressive style is leaving the old generation on the ground. And for the ones who started as online gamer, it is just a question of adapting their gaming skills to poker.

Now Bertrand Grospellier is one of the top online and live poker players, and we will follow his career here. Which promises to be full of accomplishments, such as his WPT, EPT or WSOP titles. He also holds a Guiness Book record for multi-tabling the largest number of sit and go tournaments.

Bertrand is a poker pro at Team Pokerstars and you can see him playing a poker game or two online exclusively at stars. They do not offer pokerstars rakeback, but they have a great VIP Club which offers plenty of opportunities to make real money while playing poker.

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